A funeral is a tribute to the life of a loved one we have lost.

A personal funeral service delivered with care and sensitivity can also assist people to live through their feeling of loss, recognise the reality of death and assists the grieving family and friends to work towards living normally knowing that that person is no longer with them.

No matter where it is held, a funeral or memorial is a ceremony which is intended to engage the living participants in a community, providing mourners with a collective grieving experience, and celebrate a life lived.  There can be tears, music, laughter and cherished memories shared.

I have to say that my mum’s funeral could not have been as beautiful without the help of Angela. She was so tuned into my needs and knew exactly what was needed. At one stage when my husband was reading the eulogy and he was getting quite upset I could see that Angela was ready to step in. She did not need to but it was great to know she was there ready, willing and able. Her grace, charm and elegance were unsurpassable and I have to say the funeral would not have gone as well without Angela.


Louise and I wanted to thank you so much for the professional manner in which you recently conducted the funeral service of my late mother. The service was organized and conducted in a wonderfully caring way and your kind, warm and thoughtful words were greatly appreciated by all those who attended, especially by our family. Thank you once again.

George and Louise

I must thank you sincerely for the dignity you gave to Mum’s funeral. Your messages, in both tone and substance, were completely appropriate, and I know that my mother would have completely approved.  I look forward to seeing you again in next visits to Australia, next time with my family.


I cannot thank you enough for Dolan’s beautiful funeral service.  Everything was perfect and we feel blessed that you were with us.  I think Dolan is giving us all of his approval with the wonderful rain!.  We certainly did raise a glass on Dolan and many stories were shared.


Angela, you were so very perfect in so many ways in leading Ian’s memorial service. I truly believe that Ian sent you to us.   You made this evening so special. I’m very grateful. It was just how I imagined and what Ian and I wanted.  


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